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You don't like to fuss.

You wash your face with a little soap and water, put on a drug store moisturizer if you're dry and you're ready for the next adventure, or for putting out the next fire

If you're using the same routine as you were when you were in your 30's, it might be time for an upgrade.

Here are the bare minimum basics for skincare after 40:

For an upgrade, add on a Vitamin C serum like SunWindSnow DewDrops.


Here's why:

After about age 40, your skin starts to change, a little at a time. Collagen production begins to decline at about age 30 and decreases about 1% a year there after. This why your skin begins to be a bit looser and may sag as the years go by.

Cross linking of proteins from sun damage and DNA damage from free radicals (UV rays from the sun, pollution, blue light from devices), and decreased oil production all combine to make the skin drier, more prone to sagging, wrinkles, and dark spots.

Yes, signs of aging on your face are normal and to some degree inevitable, but it's important to keep our skin as healthy as possible as the years roll on, and that means protecting it from damage.

Here's how:

A gentle cleanser, such as SunWindSnow's RainShower gently cleans your face without the harsh detergents that soap contains. This helps to maintain the skin's protective barrier and retain moisture. So you're starting off with clean, soft, intact skin that is ready to absorb a protective moisturizer.

You really do need a moisturizer. A light, non-greasy cream moisturizer helps to seal in moisture and nutrients while also protecting with free radical fighting anti-oxidants to help off set the effects of UV rays, pollution, and blue light. SunWindSnow's SunUp can be used both morning and evening to supply the antioxidants found in blueberries, bayberries, cranberries, green tea, and sea buckthorn.

Sunscreen is probably the most important step you can take to keep your skin healthy. Yes, you do need sun for health. You do not need excessive sun, or constant sun exposure in one place (like your face). Not only does excessive sun exposure lead to wrinkling, sagging, and dark spots, it is responsible for skin cancer which is definitely not healthy. If you do nothing else, please wear sunscreen.

SunWindSnow offers All Weather Defense SPF 30, a non-nano mineral sunscreen that you will love. It is an easy-to-carry stick that is tinted and blends easily into your skin. No ghost face and a light, non-greasy feel. Patented technology boosts the antioxidant effect by 200%. It also protects against other forms of environmental insult such as pollution and blue light.

That's just three things that are a baseline for good skin care. They'll take little or no more time or effort than what you are already doing.

Ready for more? You might like to try out a simple upgrade.

Sun Wind Snow's DewDrops is a serum that you apply after cleansing and before moisturizing to deliver concentrated anti-oxidants, collagen boosters, anti-inflammatory plant stem cells and hydrating hyaluronic acid deep into skin for even better results and even more protection.


If you're a Nourish and Protect woman, wash with a gentle cleanser, moisturize with a nourishing anti-oxidant serum, and use sunscreen every day. Add a Vitamin C serum for better results.

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Along with a great skin care routine, it's important to stay active, get outside and enjoy nature and activities that you love, drink plenty of water, and get 7-10 hours of sleep each night.