Recommended Routines


Using SunWindSnow products isn’t complicated. Having both a morning and evening routine is best for your skin.

Here’s how we suggest you do it. If you’re not using one of the products, just skip that step and go onto the next.


Morning Routine:

1.  Cleanse with RainShower.

2.  Apply DewDrops.

3.  Follow with SnowDrops.

4.  Apply SunUp Moisturizer.

5.  If your skin is very dry, use a few drops of RainDrops.  

6.  All-Weather Defense SPF 30 is your last step.


Evening Routine:

1.  Cleanse with RainShower

2.  Apply GloDrops or StarDrops

If you are new to retinol products, start by using it every 2 or 3 days for a couple weeks to give your skin time to get used to it. If redness or irritation occurs, add in another day in between applications. It takes time for the full effect of GloDrops to show--typically 10-12 weeks. It’s totally worth the wait.

3.  Apply SnowDrops.

4.  Follow with SunDown.

5.  If your skin is very dry, use a few drops of RainDrops and pat in over the SunDown.  Alternatively, you can use RainDrops instead of SunDown.