Dr. Holly Thompson, founder of Sun Wind Snow

I’m no saint. I haven’t always taken great care of myself,  been in bed by ten, or worn my sunscreen, and I’ve been kicked around by life a bit. And I wouldn’t trade a second of it for the world.

 I’ve learned a lot like don’t sweat the stuff that really doesn’t matter in the long run. A gray hair or many, a few fine lines, all part of the process, right?


 I’m an avid hiker, skier, gardener, and (highly incompetent but enthusiastic) fly-fisherwoman. Not a high-level athlete, just a woman who finds herself in the outdoors.

 One day I noticed that a day out in the weather took a bit more of a toll on my skin and that it didn’t bounce back as quickly as it had before. Sometimes it actually hurt for a few days.


 Dryness, red, chapped areas, fine lines more pronounced…hey,  who turned up the volume? The effects of the the elements, pollution, blue light from our devices, and even heat can not only can dehydrate but can really damage skin. Sun, Wind and Snow turn up the volume even more.

 Sure enough, our skin’s barrier is not as resilient as we get older and that leaves us more vulnerable to moisture loss, collagen break down, and more sun damage. The experts say that 90% of skin aging is from sun damage.

 I accept that the passing years are going to tell their story on my face, and mostly, I’m ok with that.

 But, I still want to look my best and mostly I want to be healthy. And I want beautiful skin.

 I need products that would help me protect my skin from the elements, nourish it for health, and provide the active ingredients that would restore it after environmental insults, which when it comes down to it amounts to basically life in the world.

 That's how Sun Wind Snow was born--clean, naturally active skin care was exactly what I needed.

Using my experience as a Chinese medicine dermatologist and functional medicine practitioner, I developed a line of products designed to protect, nourish, and restore more mature skin, the kind you find on women 40 and older.

We have a different set of concerns-a reduced and thinner barrier that we need to protect, dryness, and a greater tendency for transdermal moisture loss because of it as well as fine lines, sun spots, and the dreaded sagging.

While there is clearly no stopping the aging process (in a way that any of us would choose), maintaining beautiful healthy skin and being active are the keys to looking and feeling great.

 Sun Wind Snow blends the best of nature and cutting edge technology to protect, nourish and restore your skin at every age.