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You’re busy, you’re active, you’re living a full life. One day you look in the mirror and notice some fine lines, a little sagging, or your complexion seems dull and drab. You look older than you feel.

You’ve never been into complicated skincare routines or spending a lot of time on skincare or makeup. Is it too late to look better? And can you do it without one of those 10 step regimens you’ve heard about? Cause that’s definitely not for you.

Or, have you been working diligently with your skin care for ages, trying all the new things? Adding in more as you see more changes in your face?

But in the end you’re not sure all that money and effort has any effect?

You still want to take care of yourself and your skin but you’re tired of all the effort. Is there a better, more effective (and simpler) way?

 The answer is yes.

 I’m Dr. Holly Thompson, a doctor of Oriental medicine and acupuncture (DAOM) who specializes in dermatology and facial rejuvenation. As in all specialties in integrative medicine, I take into account your whole body and mind’s health. Because everything influences everything else.

 Over the years, I’ve been both types of skincare personality. I’ve tried so many “miracle” skin products and been disappointed because my skin didn’t look better right away. And I’ve also gone the minimalist route.

 I’m also an enthusiastic outdoors loving person and truly believe in the healing powers of nature. Being outside is so good for every part of you-mind, body, spirit.

 But it does take a toll on your skin. Exposure to sun, wind, snow, and other weather challenges your skin’s job as protector and barrier. I never thought too much about this until one day…

I looked in the mirror and noticed changes I swore weren’t there the day before. My skin was drier and there were more fine lines around my mouth and eyes.

After a certain age, I realized that I needed active ingredients in my skincare if I wanted to keep my skin looking as good as it could.

 The goal has never been to stop aging or look like you’re 30 when you’re 50.

 Cause that’s never going to happen and is going to make you unhappy to boot.

The goal is to look as good as you feel and keep your skin healthy and happy. Because that’s true beauty at any age.

 That’s what I heard from my patients too. They wanted great skin, but they didn’t want to fuss. They wanted a way to get proven effective ingredients without  a complicated regimen, like 10 steps, or whatever.

 The trick was to devise a skincare routine that delivered everything your skin needs in as few products as possible.

 I combined my 30 years of experience as a clinician with my training in dermatology, herbal medicine, and skincare formulation and developed SunWindSnow.

 SunWindSnow products are designed to work together to deliver proven active ingredients, healing herbs that support healthy skin, and organic oils and butters to nourish and protect it.

 We make it easy to have a simple, effective skincare routine that will keep your skin looking its best.

Sun Wind Snow blends the best of nature and cutting edge technology to protect, nourish and restore your skin at every age.

To your health,

Dr. Holly

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