What's All the Buzz about Retinol?

What's All the Buzz about Retinol?

Some Things You’ll Want to Know About Retinol (Especially if You Are Over 40)

Back in the days when we thought about sunscreen to prevent sunburn or oil for that tropical tan, we didn’t think much about long term damage from the sun’s UVA rays.  We certainly didn't think about the fact that sun exposure accounts for 90% of the signs of aging skin.

Now we know that sun damage is bad for your skin’s health and changes the way the skin looks.

We’ve gotten better at daily sunscreen, but is there anything we can to undo even a little of the damage?

Yes. Sort of.

It’s called retinol.


Retinol is the most studied and most used of all the so-called “anti-aging” cosmeceuticals. 

Now you won't see the term "anti-aging on this site because it's not my favorite term.   There is truly no anti-aging if you’re living.  And while we’re at it, I prefer the term "active ingredients" to cosmeceuticals.  But I digress.

Retinol is used so often because study after study confirms the ability of this vitamin A derivative to help build collagen, increase cell turnover, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skin texture and tone. Who wouldn’t want a miracle ingredient that does all that?

We know we do!  This is why we developed SunWindSnow GloDrops:  A professional-grade 2.5% retinol and hyaluronic acid serum.  Hyaluronic acid offsets the drying effect that retinol can have, making this the retinol serum of your dreams.

GloDrops get the job done, but there are some things you should know before you start using it, especially if you’ve never used a retinol product before.

No Magic Bullets (Sorry)

First of all, there are no magic bullet ingredients. If you want great skin, you need to take great care of yourself. Diet, sleep, hydration, lifestyle, exercise. I’ll keep beating the drum.

Patience is Sometimes a Virtue

Second, the best results take time. For retinol, plan on at least 12 weeks and maybe up to 6 months to see results. There will be improvement along the way, but patience (sorry) and consistent use are really important if you want the benefits.

Go Slow for Best Results

Third, if you haven’t used retinol products before, go slow. There is a break-in period. Start by using after cleansing every other evening or every 2-3 evenings.

Retinol increases cell turn over. The old cells have to go somewhere and initially you may have a bit of redness or flaking. If this happens, use GloDrops less frequently. Start with once a week for 3-4 weeks and gradually work up to every other night or every night. We formulate with hydrating hyaluronic acid, soothing aloe, and green tea, nourishing jojoba, and adaptogenic herbs to help offset irritation, but it may happen. 

You Knew I Was Going To Say This

Fourth-Use your sunscreen! I harp on this all the time because it really is so important. And even more so when using retinol products. Because retinol increases cell turnover, you have more tender, young cells that are easily burned and damaged by the sun. Protect them and give yourself the benefits of firmer, smoother, and more glowing skin.

When NOT to Use Retinol Products

Fifth- do not use this serum if you are pregnant or are planning on becoming pregnant. Studies suggest there may be a low risk of problems resulting from topical vitamin A use during pregnancy, but why take a chance?  

Other Benefits-Maybe

Sixth-There is some recent evidence that retinol not only helps with the effects of too much sun and environmental exposure, but it may also offset some signs of intrinsic (biological/genetic) aging. Stay tuned.

Timing is Important Here

Seventh- The best time to use retinol products is in the evening. Twice a day is too much and it makes sense to use vitamin C and antioxidants in the morning before you head out into the UV rays of the sun and environmental stressors (don’t forget your sunscreen) and then retinol at night. 

There are plenty of great reasons to use GloDrops and get the benefits of professional-grade retinol. Now that you have the operating instructions, try them out and (in 12+ weeks) look forward to beautiful, glowing skin.


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