What a jade roller can and can't do for you

What a jade roller can and can't do for you

Ancient China, sometime in the 7th century…

You’re the wife of a high level aristocrat. You live in a lovely house, wear silk robes and fine jewelry, and eat and drink well. Life is pretty good.

You want it to stay that way. To do so, you need to look your best. Especially because you’re not the only wife and you want to maintain your status as the years roll by.

What do you do?

Turns out there are lots of possibilities. There are herbal formulas that you can drink, special creams you can use on your face, and lovely rice powder makeup to accentuate your beauty.

But you want a little edge.

Lucky for you, the family doctor has a few tricks up his sleeve. Facial acupuncture treatments are well developed and give very good results. And they keep you healthy too.

When they’re not available, there are some tools that can help your skin look its best. There is a jade roller, a flat jade stone called a gua sha tool, and a special roller you can use in between your acupuncture treatments.

Thank goodness. You wash your face with rice water, apply some of the special cream the doctor has made for you, and roll the cool jade over your face.

Fast forward to 2020

Women don’t need husbands to survive. You can live in a lovely house, wear fine silks and jewelry, and eat well whether you’re married or not. And if you are married, you don’t have to compete with other wives for status. Life is pretty good.

You still like to look and feel your best.

Jade rollers and gua sha tools are hot items. There’s a newer tool that works a bit like acupuncture, called a dermal roller, gives great results too. And there are plenty of trained acupuncturists that provide facial acupuncture.

What does each tool do?

I’m going to cover what each tool is and how to use them over the next few weeks.

The simplest to use is the jade roller

It’s just what it sounds like. A handle with one or two jade cylinders threaded on the handle. Jade is naturally cool and feels great on your skin. It increases circulation and helps with lymph drainage as it gives your face and neck a nice massage.

Because it depuffs your face, it may look temporarily more toned.

 Jade rollers are great if you have puffiness in your face, want to work product into your skin, or want a quick glow. They don’t stimulate collagen and elastin as well as a gua sha tool or dermal roller, but they will give you a quick lift and they’re relaxing to boot.

 Plus they’re very easy to use (gua sha and dermal rollers take more care and practice). The most important rule is to start with a freshly cleansed face.

 Check out the video below for a quick tutorial on using a jade roller. If you want a good roller, I’ve got them in stock now.


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