The best active ingredients for around your eyes

The best active ingredients for around your eyes

 A long time ago, when I first started my skin care love affair, learned that the skin around your eyes is different and required special products designed especially to treat it.

But I always wondered why.  Me, being me, I researched and here’s what I learned.

While, it’s true the skin around your eyes is thinner and more subject to damage, I learned that there’s no perimeter fencing or border control between your eye area and the rest of your skin. You can actually use pretty much the same products and active ingredients around your eyes as on the rest of your face.

In fact, because the skin under eyes IS thinner, they can be more well absorbed and effective.

It is true that your eyes are the first place to show signs of age

 Depending on your genetics, sun exposure, habitual facial movements, and any allergies, what that looks like will be a little different for everyone.

Most of the time when people tell me the area around their eyes bothers them, it’s one of these things:

Dark circles

Puffiness, especially under your eyes

Lax skin under your brow that makes your upper eyelid area disappear

Dryness that emphasizes fine lines

 The reason why these happen is explained in last week’s blog. Along with lifestyle changes that can help.

The ingredients you need

 Today, let’s talk about active ingredients that can make a positive change for the area around your eyes, and help to prevent further damage. Whether you love eye creams or prefer to use what you use on the rest of your face, making sure your products have the right active ingredients can make a big difference in how your eye area looks.

 Dark Circles

If you have dark circles, Vitamin C can help. Be sure to use a stabilized vitamin C. I like to use a vitamin C serum that has hyaluronic acid and soothing ingredients (like DewDrops).

 Vitamin C can minimize free radical damage, and boost collagen production for more resilient skin under your eyes. It makes your skin brighter and fights hyperpigmentation too.

 Vitamin C works well for dark circles due to aging. There are a couple of other reasons for dark circles. Hereditary, allergies, lack of sleep and fatigue are a few.

 Of course, the best thing to do for these types of dark circles is to address the underlying cause. Get on a consistent sleep schedule, stay away from allergens,  and drink more water.

There’s not much you can do about hereditary issues, but I’ve found that vitamin C serum helps make them less noticeable.

Puffiness under your eyes

 Because puffiness has multiple causes (aging skin and a lack of elasticity, fat pads around your eye slip down and make under eye area look puffy, too little sleep, too much salt, allergies, hydration issues), there are multiple ways of treating them.

Obviously, treating the underlying cause is the best idea. But some of us are more prone to under eye puffiness, and products can help.

 One of the simplest things to do is to brew yourself a cup of tea (green tea is really good for this purpose). Cool the tea bags in your frig, and then lie down with the tea bags over your eye area for 15-20 minutes. The small amount of caffeine in the bags will tighten the skin around your eyes and the antioxidants will help to increase circulation and brighten the area. This is a quick fix.

 You can also use a jade roller or a simple acupressure massage to depuff under your eyes.

 For a longer term fix, the go to is to use active ingredients that will firm and tone the skin. Things like peptides that firm your skin and retinol to encourage collagen and elastin production.

 You may have been told that you shouldn’t use retinol around your eyes. But you can, with caution. And it works really well.

 The key to using retinol (and I recommend over the counter retinol rather than prescription strength retinoid like tretinoin) is to start slowly and be sure your retinol serum has soothing and hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid. (GloDrops has these and almost everyone can use it).

 Lax (looser) skin under your brows and around your eyes

 The best ingredients to use for looser skin around your eyes are peptides (in SnowDrops and AlpenGlo, both are great for your eye area), and retinol (GloDrops).

 You probably won’t return to the days of youth using these, but you will notice firmer skin and fewer fine lines.

 Antioxidants are another important part of protecting your skin from further damage. Vitamin C, green tea, herbs like gotu kola, reishi, berry extracts and certain oils like sea buckthorn and rosehip  all deliver antioxidants.

 Doing a quick acupressure massage around your eyes once a day will help too. I posted an IGTV on how to do an easy acupressure massage while you’re applying product to your eye area.

 Dryness that makes your fine lines look deeper

 Dehydrated skin not only is more prone to redness and irritation, it makes the lines on your face look deeper and more noticeable.

 The skin around your eyes is notoriously dry because it has fewer oil glands. As you get older, you make less natural oil overall.

 Voila! Dry skin around your eyes. You can use an eye cream or you can use the same products you use on the rest of your face. The key is active ingredients.

 One of the best and best-known hydrating ingredients is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid works by drawing water to your skin and plumping it up. This is an important ingredient to increase the moisture in you’re the skin around your eyes.

 But… to get a lasting benefit you need to have an occlusive oil or butter that will help hold in that moisture. We kept this top of mind when we developed SnowDrops and AlpenGlo. They’re both deeply moisturizing and you will see improvement in your skin in just a few days. Keep using it and it’ll get better.

 And of course, keep protecting your eyes and the skin around them. Sunscreen (try All Weather Defense SPF 30-it won’t run into your eyes), sunglasses, and brimmed hats.

 How to apply your products around your eyes

 It’s simple.

 After you cleanse, put a small amount of your serum ( a drop) on your clean finger tips and dot on around your eyes. Use the bony areas above and below your eyes as a guide. Go outside these bones and on top of them, but avoid going inside (closer to your eye). The serum will seep toward your eye but won’t get in it. That stings!

 Let the serum sink in and follow up with a moisturizer. Use the same method to apply.

 As with all things skincare, the key to success is being consistent. A couple of simple steps done twice a day every day will help you  improve your skin and keep it looking its best.





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