StarDrops TCA and All Trans Retinol Serum has landed

StarDrops TCA and All Trans Retinol Serum has landed

If you step outside on a dark night in northern New Mexico, you see stars. Lots of them. And with the completely dark background, they twinkle and glow. Our new TCA and all trans retinol will do the same for your skin.

It’s called StarDrops and it’s finally available !

StarDrops has been created by one of the best formulators in the country and SunWindSnow is proud to work with her. She’s formulated a medical grade serum for you, especially if you’ve been using retinol for a while and want to step up from our customer favorite GloDrops (which is a gentle retinol and a good place to start if you’re new to retinol).

Medical Grade Skincare

Medical grade skincare is formulated to target specific skincare concerns such as acne, sun damage, and premature aging — but on a deeper and more effective level. The concentration of active ingredients is higher in medical grade skincare.

The actives in StarDrops are TCA and all trans retinol. Their job is to help your skin look its best and healthiest. Here’s how they work:

TCA gently retexturizes your skin for a more even texture and tone.

 All trans retinol is micro encapsulated so it goes deeper and works to boost collagen which both prevents and corrects the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It also makes your skin firmer.

 If you use it nightly you should see a visible improvement in lines, wrinkles, dark spots and texture in as little as 4 to 6 weeks.*

Like GloDrops, it’s  also got hyaluronic acid, squalene, shea butter  and other soothing ingredients to keep your skin happy and glowing.

When my testers were trying out the prototype (the samples I test before we move to manufacturing), they told me that they really noticed a boost in results- fewer lines, more even complexion, and more radiant glow!

What do you want for your skin

One of the best parts of SunWindSnow is that I get to talk to some amazing women about their skin, aging, what excites them and what bugs them.

When we’re talking aging, what bugs them is the same old media crap about looking perfect and put together, and hiding your age. Why do we have to hide who we are or the age we are?

But, then as we talk further, there’s often one or two things that they focus on when they look in the mirror. The conversation usually goes something like this:

“Yeah, I have a few wrinkles. I’m ok with that. What really bothers me, though, is ….”

I completely understand. If I were talking, it would be-

“I don’t want to look like I’m twenty again. Those weren’t great days for me (shudder at the memory). What I want is look as good as I can at whatever age I’m at. That means healthy skin and body. But truthfully,  I’d like my skin to be a little firmer and I want it to be radiant. Is that too much to ask?”

I don’t think it is.

 I’ll readily admit I haven’t always been good about sunscreen or wearing a hat. I’m an outdoor girl and that means a fair bit of sun over the years. Sometime in my 30’s, I got skin care religion and began (almost) always wearing sunscreen, moisturizing, and taking good care of my face.

But still there’s a fair amount of sun damage.

This is where StarDrops comes in. It doesn’t erase all the damage but it makes it a whole lot better. I’ve been testing and using StarDrops for several months now and I can honestly say my skin feels firmer, the lines are less noticeable, and I have a radiance that I can only attribute to StarDrops.

Yes, StarDrops and medical grade products cost a little more. It’s because the ingredients are more concentrated and costly. But the results are good.

 If you’re just starting your skincare journey, I recommend you start with GloDrops which is more gentle and still gives great results.

If you’ve been using retinol products for a while and want more results, StarDrops is for you, The TCA acts as a gentle exfoliant which gives you fresh new skin and also allows the all trans retinol to go deeper into your skin and have a greater effect.

Using StarDrops

Use StarDrops at night after you cleanse your face and before your moisturizer.

It’s a creamy serum with no fragrance and it seeps right into your skin. Let it absorb, then follow with your moisturizer. You can also layer on a peptide serum like SnowDrops (we’re going to have a new step up medical grade peptide serum soon).

When you first start to use it, you may have a little peeling. This is the TCA catching up on exfoliating your dead skin cells.

You can start by using it less often (like every other day) and building up to daily. Or you just have a little peeling for a few days.

Daily is where you’ll see the best results. Retinol is food for skin and your skin wants to eat every day.

After a few weeks (sometimes less), you’ll notice your skin is more radiant and smoother. Keep using it daily and in a few months, it will become firmer and plumper feeling. Fine lines will be fewer and your deeper lines will be softer and less noticeable.

 You’re going to love it.


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