Some Cool Weather Tweaks to Your SkinCare

Some Cool Weather Tweaks to Your SkinCare

Saturday it struck me.

The sky was blue and I could see the swaths of bright yellow leaves on the mountainsides. But my mind, as it has been a lot in this year of pandemic, elections, fires, and a major move for me, was elsewhere.

I parked the truck and headed to the plaza for my weekly trip to the farmer’s market.

And that’s where it really struck me. Fall is here. The market was bright with orange pumpkins, tan squash, and blue corn. The aroma of dry leaves and a slightly cool breeze cut the warmth of the sun.

I love these days and I love fall. I want to be outside as much as possible working in my gardens and hiking on mountain trails that’ll soon be covered with snow. I don’t want to miss it while my mind has its attention on other things.

I love winter too (and spring and summer), but the arrival of cooler fall weather means a change in routine.

And some tweaks to your skincare routine.

If your skincare routine is working for you, you don’t necessarily need to change it. But for most of us, after about age 50, the change in seasons means a change in how your skin looks and feels.

The basics of good skincare don’t change with the seasons.

But making a few simple changes to your skin care routine will make your skin navigate the changes and keep you looking and feeling your best.

A good, year around skincare routine :

  • Cleanse.  Be sure to use cool to lukewarm water and don’t scrub. Hot water and scrubbing can strip the oils from your face and damage your skin barrier. A damaged skin barrier means dry, flaky skin and possible inflammation. Be gentle on your beautiful face.
  • Nourish and Restore. Serums are loaded with active ingredients that are concentrated and designed to penetrate into your skin.  They’re the heavy hitters when it comes to nourishing and restoring on a deeper level.
  • Vitamin C (as found in DewDrops) can help with sun damage, brightens your complexion and boosts collagen.
  • Peptides and Stem Cells (as found in SnowDrops) fight inflammation, contain antioxidants, and boost collagen and elastin that helps keep it firm.
  • Retinol (as found in GloDrops) can also help your skin heal from summer sun damage, encourages cell turnover, and collagen and elastin production for fresher, firmer skin.
  • Protect your skin with active-ingredient moisturizers. (SunUp is perfect for day and loaded with antioxidants. SunDown is a cocktail of active ingredients, herbs, and nourishing oils and butters that work to rejunevate your skin while you sleep.) AlpenGlo is a firming moisturizer that tones and promotes elasticity. You can use it day or night, and combine it with SunUp and SunDown if you want even more moisture.
  • Keep using sunscreen during the day. Every day. Even though the sun’s rays aren’t as strong as they are in mid summer, they still are damaging to your skin. Especially those sneaky UVA rays that penetrate deep and cause wrinkling and sagging as well as some kinds of skin cancer.

Here’s what you might like to tweak:

Now is the time to up your moisture game. Especially with winter (and even drier conditions) on the way.

  • Drink plenty of water.  You may not be as thirsty because of the cooler temps, but your skin is the first place a lack of internal moisture shows up.  This means your skin will look thirsty before you FEEL thirsty, so drink up!
  • Use products containing Hyaluronic Acid (present in many of SunWindSnow’s products) to increase the moisture in the skin.  This moisturizing powerhouse works by attracting and holding water (up to 1000x its weight)!
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. This is the way to go to protect your skin barrier and keep your glow.

 SunUp and SunDown contain nourishing butters and oils, plus active ingredients that sink deep into your skin.

AlpenGlo (coming next week) will both firm and moisturize your face, neck and hands. You can use it alone or under the other moisturizers.

  • If your skin is dry, try adding a facial oil like RainDrops (over the moisturizer).  Oils only penetrate the top couple of layers so they are great at holding in moisture and sealing in all the goodness of your serums and creams.  They can also be used on their own.


You want to have a skin care routine that works with your lifestyle and makes you look and feel great. If you’d like some help with choosing products or have skin care questions, please contact me at for a personalized, free 15 minute consultation.


Now, get outside and enjoy. Hike, bike, play your favorite sport and savor these beautiful days while they last.



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