Meet SB-one of our SunWindSnow ambassadors!

Meet SB-one of our SunWindSnow ambassadors!

At SunWindSnow, we're not just a skincare company.  We want to inspire and encourage you to get outside and enjoy being active in the outdoors.  Why?  Because it makes you happy.  Because it's good for you to soak in that vitamin D. Because it reduces stress.  It can even improve your memory!

Women over 40 are the group most likely to stop being active outdoors (followed closely by men over 50).  It's a shame for so many reasons, and we want to change it!

To encourage and inspire you to get outside, we're introducing you to some of our role models:  Women who get outside and get active in the outdoors.

Meet SB, she’s a long-time runner and cross country skier who braves some of the fierce weather in Wyoming to stay active year around. We love the idea of forming a group to explore and hike like the “hikeristas.” Social, active and nature- a winning combo for all.

SB also runs half-marathons around the west with her adult daughters. She’s run the Deadwood Mickelson Half Marathon and the Big Horn Trail Run to name a few.

Here’s what SB had to say:

  1. What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

  Favorite outdoor activity... brisk walk/run especially in the Fall  or cross country skiing in the winter

  1. When did you start this and what got you started or reconnected with it?

Hmmmm, college I attended Northern Arizona University where I both learned to ski and hike in areas like the Grand Canyon

  1. What are the best parts of the activity/sport. What do you love about it?

Being active outside is always a plus... add family, dogs or friends even more fun. But can always listen to the sounds of outdoors or a great podcast!

  1. What are some of the challenges?

Motivating myself to get dressed for the weather, rise earlier/later depending on time of year to get outdoors.  When the journey to find a place to hike a ski takes hours ... definitely a disadvantage. 

Staying stretched out so you remain free from injury is very important and harder as a person ages. 

  1. What advice do you have for others who are interested in doing this activity or being active outdoors?

Sometimes it's easier to find someone who will tackle a hike or ski with you... commit to a day each week might work.  A group of retired teacher/friends has formed a "hikerista group" which meets on Wednesdays if it works for you!  We try exploring everything from paths close to home to hikes in the canyon or ski trails an hour away.

  1. You’ve tried SunWindSnow (product you like), what do you like about it? How does it help your skin?

 Anything to wear outdoors and stay less dry for this old skin! SunUp is great and, of course, the All Weather Defense Sunstick




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