Meet our first SWS Ambassador.

Meet our first SWS Ambassador.

Introducing the SunWindSnow Ambassador Program.

At SunWindSnow, we're not just a skincare company.  We want to inspire and encourage you to get outside and enjoy being active in the outdoors.  Why?  Because it makes you happy.  Because it's good for you to soak in that vitamin D. Because it reduces stress.  It can even improve your memory!

Women over 40 are the group most likely to stop being active outdoors (followed closely by men over 50).  It's a shame for so many reasons, and we want to change it!

To encourage and inspire you to get outside, we're introducing you to some of our role models:  Women who get outside and get active in the outdoors.

Each month, we'll feature one of our Sun Wind Snow Ambassadors.  

anti-aging skincare spf mineral sunscreenFirst, meet CC.  She's an avid adventurer and outdoor enthusiast. She's pictured here at the top of Mount Hale in New Hampshire, where there are nice views of Zealand Notch and Mount Washington (highest peak in New Hampshire) along the path.  CC and her husband are working on climbing each of the 48 4000-foot peaks in New Hampshire.


Here's what CC had to say:

SWS: What outdoor activities do you do?

CC:  I do a variety of outdoor activities.   Road cycling, hiking, Boogie Boarding, golf, tennis, and rowing, to name a few.


SWS:  When did you start this and what got you started or reconnected with it?

CC:  Hiking, I started at summer camp in New Hampshire. I remember hiking Mount Monadnock at 13. I ended up visiting New Hampshire in my 20s and hiking. In my 30s, I moved there! 


SWS:  What do you love about hiking?

CC:  I love getting outside and off the grid. I love the smells --especially when I pass the balsam trees. I also like finding animals and insects and plants. Plus I love to sweat with a beautiful view. 


SWS:  What are some of the challenges of hiking?

CC:  Making the time to get to the mountains. I live almost 1 1/2 hours from the White Mountains. Those are where the big mountains are. 


SWS:  What advice do you have for others who are interested in beginning to hike?

CC:  Get a book on local hikes in your area. Join a local club like AMC:  Appalachian Mountain Club


SWS:  What's your favorite sunscreen to take with you on these adventures?  

CC:  I like the SunWindSnow All-Weather Defense 30 SPF stick to apply to my nose and cheeks. It’s small and easy to put on. 


Tune in next month to meet the next SunWindSnow Ambassador.  

If you'd like to be featured, please contact us!  



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