If You Really Want to Be Happy With Your Skin…

If You Really Want to Be Happy With Your Skin…

You need a great night time skincare routine. It’s easy to skip over when you’re tired but as far as your skin is concerned, your night routine is critical. Top of the list important (right after sun protection).


Why is the night so important?


 Because night is when your body naturally works to repair the damage done during the day. And build collagen and elastin. Your body increases the blood flow to your face to sweep away toxins and cellular debris. Plus, the increased circulation delivers the vitamins and nutrients that help nourish your skin to keep it healthy and beautiful.


While you sleep, your immune system works to fight inflammation (enemy of great skin as well as the rest of your body), heal wounds, and fortify the skin barrier.


You’re not being bombarded with UV light, blue light or other environmental stressors at night. Which  gives your body and skin a break from defending itself. And  a real chance to concentrate on restoring and renewing. Yes, beauty sleep is real.


What’s the best for night time skin?


So the first thing you want to do is to remove any makeup, dirt, or grime.


Then layer on serum. Give it a moment to absorb. Serums are the most concentrated way to deliver active ingredients (like retinol, vitamins C, E, B5, hyaluronic acid, herbal extracts, peptides, plant stem cells) to the deeper layers of your skin where they can really get down to business.


Finish with a good moisturizer or facial oil or both.  Moisturizers should contain both water and fat soluble ingredients. This is important because our cells, including skin cells, are mostly made up of water. Water soluble ingredients are able to penetrate better.


Oils, butters, and fat soluble ingredients don’t penetrate as deeply, but deliver their nutrients and moistening qualities to the upper layers (which happen to be the ones you see). They also help to seal in moisture and prevent transepidermal water loss (TEWL).


How does Transepidermal Water Loss affect the skin?


When there is TEWL, the skin becomes dry and dehydrated and looks more wrinkled. It happens when the skin barrier is compromised in some way, usually because of dry, cool air, stress, UV damage, and the general reduced level of moisture in your skin due to aging. If you’ve spent time in the elements, it can be worse. (Chapped, wind- or sunburned skin.)


What prevents water loss in skin?


The good news is that a good moisturizer containing ingredients that attract water (like hyaluronic acid),  and occlusives like shea butter and jojoba (like SunDown)  have been studied and shown to reduce TEWL  and improve skin hydration. Which makes your skin better looking and  a whole lot healthier.


SunWindSnow has made it easy


At SunWindSnow, we pack a bundle of benefits into a few products so that your skin gets serious skin therapy without a lot of time or fluff.


Here’s how it’s done-

  •  Cleanse with RainShower-

Don’t sleep with grime from the day or your makeup on. Your skin needs to be clean to concentrate on repairing and renewing. A gentle wash with RainShower and a soft wash cloth removes traces of dirt and product and gently exfoliates dead skin cells (as we get older these don’t shed as easily as they used to) while protecting the skin’s barrier. RainShower is pH balanced and contains soothing and healing herbs and oils that clean without drying. Remember to use warm (not hot) water and no scrubbing.

Pat dry with a nice soft towel.

  • Serum (s)

GloDrops- Retinol (a form of vitamin A) is the main active ingredient in GloDrops. We combine it with hyaluronic acid and healing herbs to help offset the effects of environmental damage, retain moisture, and prevent damage caused by dryness. The result: fewer fine lines, firmer and healthier-looking skin and a more radiant complexion.

Let Glo Drops have a moment or two to absorb and cover with a pump of:

SnowDrops-especially if you’re concerned about sagging or fine lines. One pump smoothed around your eyes, face, and neck seeps in deep to deliver its tightening, brightening, hydrating, fine line fighting benefits. I love the way that SnowDrops has made the fine lines around my eyes disappear.

Let SnowDrops sink in add pat on:

  • Moisturizer/ Night Cream

SunDown Night Restoring Cream- SunDown Restoring Night Cream is a cocktail full of nutrients (like peptides, CoQ10 for skin repair, and vitamin B5 to boost your skin’s resilience) and it works while you sleep to restore your skin, reduce TEWL,  and seal in moisture.

  • Optional:  RainDrops are optional, but they will seal in all the good stuff and boost your moisture if your skin is dry or you’re going to be facing some tough conditions like cold or windy weather. I use it every day. It is a dry oil, so it sinks in fast to give you a healthy glow. Some people like to use instead of SunDown and that works too.


It’s a simple routine. 4 quick steps plus RainDrops if you want them. All of the night time products have a few drops of lavender essential oil (also good for your skin) in them for a bit of a relaxing effect.


I often do the four steps earlier in the evening before I take some time to relax at home and then pat on RainDrops right before I go to bed. Just an idea. The most important part is to cleanse, add a serum (both are nice, but one is ok too) , and moisturize. If you are new to skin care and this feels overwhelming, you can also repeat the morning routine. Cleanse, DewDrops, and SunUp. This works well too, although you will miss out on some of the amazing benefits of the night time ingredients.



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