How to Get Your Best Morning Face with SunWindSnow

How to Get Your Best Morning Face with SunWindSnow

How to Get Your Best Morning Face with SunWindSnow



They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This may be true.

A good morning skin care routine is like a light nourishing breakfast that allows you to shine throughout the day. If you’re in a rush, it can be tempting to skip breakfast-or your morning skin routine. Don’t do it! Your skin is counting on you.


Why a good morning routine is important

This is especially important because whether you’re outdoors or working inside, your skin is being assaulted by UV  rays from the sun, dry air, blue light from devices, and weather (including heat and air conditioning) all day long. SunWindSnow’s morning routine is designed to improve your skin and keep it looking great as you go about your day.

People have been asking which products to use and what order to use them in. This week I’ll talk about how to easily get your best morning face. Next week, we’ll talk about the all-important night routine.


And just like breakfast, you have options. If you’re stretched for time, go with the 3 step program, if you want an extra boost add in SnowDrops and RainDrops. We’ll tell you how to do it for best results.


Just a few quick and easy steps to great skin


  • Cleanse with RainShower

A gentle wash with RainShower and a soft wash cloth removes traces of dirt and product and gently exfoliates dead skin cells (as we get older these don’t shed as easily as they used to) while protecting the skin’s barrier. RainShower is pH balanced and contains soothing and healing herbs and oils that clean without drying. Remember to use warm (not hot) water and no scrubbing.


Pat dry with a nice soft towel.


  • DewDrops Vitamin C and Stem Cell Serum-Put a drop or two in your palm and pat all over your face and neck. Vitamin C is so good for your skin. I wrote a whole blog on it. You’ll love the way DewDrops sinks right into your skin to do its work.


  • SnowDrops Peptide Serum, if you’re concerned about sagging or fine lines but optional in the am.

One pump smoothed around your eyes, face, and neck seeps in deep to deliver its tightening, brightening, hydrating, fine line fighting benefits. This step is optional in the morning, but if you want an extra boost take a minute to add some SnowDrops.


It takes only moments to absorb and you’re ready for-


  • SunUp Day Moisturizer is a lighter moisturizer packed with antioxidants to make your skin glow while it’s helping to scavenge the environmental bad guys that assault your skin all day long. You will love the light orange scent and your face will feel great.


*Optional:  RainDrops are optional, but they will seal in all the good stuff and boost your moisture if your skin is dry or you’re going to be facing some tough conditions like cold or windy weather. I use it every day. It is a dry oil, so it sinks in fast to give you a healthy glow.


  • Sunscreen-don’t leave home without it (on). All Weather Defense is full of yummy plant butters to add an extra layer of weather protection and the all zinc oxide stick goes on clear.


So it’s simple- 3 steps plus sunscreen and SnowDrops and RainDrops if you want an extra boost. You can literally do this in two minutes. Your face will look and feel great, and ready to face (pun intended) the day.


Next up we’ll talk about night routines.


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