Dermal Rolling for firmer skin

Dermal Rolling for firmer skin

One last trip back to the 7th century in China (a least for now)

You’ve been diligent with your skin and health, but there’s no denying that the lower part of your face is getting a little loose. You know it’s a natural part of aging, but it bothers you none the less.

You mention this to the family doctor and he suggests doing some facial acupuncture to up the blood and energy circulation to your face. This will give you a lift and make your complexion glow.

 You agree. You remember your mother having it done. And your grandmother. You know it helps.

Fast forward to 2020

You’ve been diligent with your skin and health, but there’s no denying that the lower part of your face is getting a little loose. You know it’s a natural part of aging, but it bothers you none the less.

Your acupuncturist has suggested facial acupuncture, but with the pandemic you’re not sure you want to commit to 10 treatments in 5 weeks right now. Plus, it’s more money than you’re willing to spend at this point.

What else can you do?

Dermal rolling

Also known as collagen induction therapy. It’s an affordable alternative to improve your skin and you can do it at home.

It works similarly to acupuncture.

Tiny needles on a drum roller are rolled along the skin. The micro trauma of the tiny little needles increases blood circulation, revs up skin function, and stimulates collagen production.

Keeping collagen production up is a key to keeping your skin firm as the years fly by. After about age 30, your body’s collagen production starts to drop off. This is a natural process that is sped up by too much UV exposure, smoking, and stress.

You can slow the process by avoiding these as much as possible, eating a healthy diet, moderate exercise. 

Products like retinol, stem cells and peptides, and vitamin C help too.

So do certain cosmetic treatments and at home treatments like gua sha and dermal rolling.

Dermal rolling is a long game. You won’t see the full results for 2-6 months. It needs to be done consistently (from a couple times a week to a couple of times a month depending on your skin) and properly to get good results.

I’ve made a video on how to properly use the dermal roller.

Here are the details-

  1. You need to use a high quality roller. Most of the inexpensive rollers you find online (Amazon etc.) are made in overseas factories that use metal alloys or heavy metals (way more likely to irritate your skin) and cheap wire needles that can bend or break easily and damage your skin. These are the culprit behind most of problems caused by dermal rolling that you see online.

The Aculift rollers that SunWindSnow offers have diamond shaped needles that are safer and more secure. They’re made of titanium over steel so they’re non-reactive.


Also, Aculift rollers are FDA approved and presterilized. They’ll last up for up to six months with daily use (which you don’t need-a few times a week is good). Most dermal rollers are not FDA approved, or sterile.

  1. You need to use a length that penetrates the skin just enough to stimulate collagen production without injury to the skin. But it also has to be long enough to work. We stock both 0.5mm and 1.0 mm lengths. Both will give you results. Use the 0.5mm if you have thin or sensitive skin, and the 1.0mm if your skin is normal.
  1. MOST IMPORTANT. You are making tiny holes on your skin. Your face and hands need to be clean and free of makeup, product, or dirt before you start rolling. Rinse the roller after use and let air dry. It should be disinfected by soaking for 10 minutes in alcohol or using disinfecting tabs (like denture cleaning tabs) and allowed to air dry. Store it in its case. Don’t put in the container with your hair brush or make up or toothbrush.
  1. When your using your roller, go back and forth. Lift it off your skin when you change direction or move to a new area. Don’t make turns or change lanes. Lift it and redirect. This will keep your from making cuts or scratches in your skin. Follow the directions on the video.

Dermal roller don’ts

  1. Don’t use the roller on your lips or eyelids. Use extreme caution around your eyes.
  1. Don’t press hard on it. The needles are designed to do their work with light pressure. More than that will not only hurt, it can really irritate your skin.
  1. Don’t use on active breakouts, rosacea flares or fresh wounds. The roller can help with older scars like acne scars. Don’t use on keloid scars.
  1. Don’t use a cheap roller. Really.


Check the video for a demonstration. It’s not hard to use a dermal roller correctly and the video will show you how.












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