Cold Weather and Short Days...and Our Newest Ambassador!

Cold Weather and Short Days...and Our Newest Ambassador!

Cold weather, short days, the holidays approaching…. I naturally to want to spend more time hunkered down in my comfies with a good book. How about you?

 Winter is a great time to be outdoors

This type of self care is wonderful, but if it comes at the expense of spending some time being active and outdoors, you’re missing out.


Yes, you need more clothing, layers, and perhaps boots, hats and gloves. And a little more attention to your skin care routine.

Yes, staying active during the colder months is definitely more of a challenge. But the rewards include better mood, better sleep, and a hedge against the extra pounds the holidays can bring.


At SunWindSnow, we love the outdoors and we love being active, and we believe in keeping our skin as healthy as our bodies. This month our ambassador is not only an active outdoor person, but a business owner as well.

 Here's Someone Who Stays Active All Winter

Linda went from being a “city girl” who rarely went outdoors (or saw snow) to an avid hiker and skier after she moved from Shanghai PRC to Bozeman, MT.


She owns and operates the Hummingbird’s Kitchen where she offers private chef services, cooking classes, and incredible pop up dinners each month.


Linda also makes wonderful Chinese Ginger Tea concentrate which makes making ginger tea easy. It’s great for your skin and warding off colds amongst other things.

 How She Does It

When Linda isn’t busy nourishing people with amazing food, she loves to be outdoors. We asked her about how she likes to be active.

  1. What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

    I really like hiking and cross country skiing.

  1. When did you start this and what got you started or reconnected with it?

I moved from Shanghai to Bozeman about 7 years ago. Being a city girl for all my life, I wasn't interested outdoor activity at all. But after living here in Montana for a few years, my friends start dragging me out the door. They pushed me to start hiking with them. I started enjoying it and became so much more aware of the beauty of nature, the sun, the blue sky.

I started cross country skiing about 5 years ago. I’ve enjoyed it ever since my first ski class.

  1. What are the best parts of hiking and cross country skiing? What do you love about it?

   Just being outdoors in nature makes me feel better.

  1. What are some of the challenges?

    For my skin, sunburn and dryness

  1. What advice do you have for others who are interested in  being active outdoors in the winter?

    Remember even in the winter, the sun is so strong in Montana. UV protection is very important. Dress in layers, because Montana will have four seasons in a day.

  1. You’ve tried SunWindSnow. What do you like about it? How does it help your skin?

   I love the lip balm and sunstick, and the Vitamin C serum. The lip balm smoothed my dry lips so quickly. The vitamin C serum is so light and very easy for skin to absorb. I am planning to try more SunWindSnow products.


As winter rolls in, the air is drier and colder everywhere. Please don’t let this stop you from being active outdoors. It’s so good for your health, and your mood. Being outdoors helps to counteract the dreary short days and makes winter seem shorter. Dress in layers, drink water, and get out there!

Don’t forget your sunscreen even if it’s cloudy. Add some DewDrops Vitamin C and Stem Cell serum for its antioxidant, brightening, and anti-inflammatory help. Use SunUp and/or RainDrops to protect your skin’s barrier from the elements and keep your skin from getting dry or chapped




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