2 easy exercises to tone your lower face

2 easy exercises to tone your lower face

The best parts of aging are more perspective, more wisdom, more appreciation of life. As Frank Lloyd Wright once said,

“The older I get, the beautiful life becomes.”

You’re beautiful just as you are. Promise. Your beauty is for life.

But, it can be hard when you look in the mirror and don’t recognize the face looking back at you. Or when the lower part of your face is drooping.

Here’s a fun fact-

Your face is the only place on your body where your skin is directly attached to your muscles.

Smile, frown, squint? All possible because when you move your facial muscles, your skin moves with them.

Obviously, too much repeated movement (like frowning) can wear grooves. But weakening of the muscles that support your face can cause your skin to start a downward slide.

There are three main reasons that your lower face may start sagging after about 50:

  • Looser skin because of collagen and elastin breakdown. After age 30 or even earlier, your body’s production of collagen naturally begins to decline.
  • Fat under your skin (subcutaneous fat) as there is under your eyes and cheeks migrates downward to your lower face.
  • Muscles that move and support your face become weaker, looser and smaller over time.

Unless you tone them.

Your facial muscles are small and you can tone them with simple exercises. You don’t need to do a lot of repetitions and you don’t need to feel a muscle “burn” for them to work. A few or more repetitions 2-3 times a day will make a difference.

The important thing is to do them every day.

This video shows you 2 exercises for your lower face that work really well with the neck and lower face exercises we did last week.


Do them every day for a month and let me know what happens.

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